Karen Smith


 "The greatest peace & joy I have ever known is when I am with my horses. I am not a trainer nor a professional rider, but I know what environment I want for my horses and for me as we strive towards a stronger partnership. On these principles, Tara Royal Equestrian was founded." - Karen Smith


Christian Garweg

Director of Training

Christian Garweg, German born, dressage FEI rider and trainer, was based in Hamburg, Germany until his move to North America.

A rider for almost 40 years. He has trained and competed successfully nationally and internationally through Grand Prix. He is a USDF Gold Medalist and has also been a Canadian Champion on several horses. He is a top class teacher and coach with students thriving at all levels.


Tessa Raskevitz

Head Trainer

Tessa Raskevitz is a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist in dressage and is two scores from Gold. She has a background in dressage and hunter/jumpers and has evented through Training level. Tessa has taken lessons and ridden in clinics with numerous trainers such as Lendon Gray, Debbie McDonald, Tami Batts, Lars Peterson and David O'Connor, and is currently training with Christian Garweg. Tessa has competed through Intermediate I, but also enjoys bringing up the young horses. Tessa recently moved from North Carolina where she had a successful training and lesson program for the past four years.


Maike Moore

Assistant Dressage Trainer

As a native from Germany, Maike Moore learned the classical way of riding dressage by the "German riding system" at a young age. Throughout the past 30 years in the equine world, she has ridden with many different trainers on many different breeds including Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, Paints, Arabians, Friesians, and many more, in all age groups. She has also gained valuable experience and philosophies while watching and/or riding in clinics with Jane Savoie, Mary Wanless, Alfredo Hernandez, Lendon Gray, Sherry Guess, Lisa Wilcox, Charlotte Dujardin, Hilda Gurney and more. Her philosophy is enjoying the journey of riding and getting the most out of our equine partner!

Piper and Champ

Official Greeters