“Tara Royal Equestrian Center provides a safe and secure environment for our horses. Karen and her staff truly care for our horses as if they were their own. The staff is always there to lend a helping hand and they always do it with a friendly smile.”



“Five stars are not enough of a rating for this amazing barn.The facility is beyond belief. It is so evident that it was designed and built by a person who knows a lot about horses and horse care, a person who has a passion for horses, a person who believes in the highest quality of care for Horses. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the Tara Royal Equestrian Center family!”



“Twice now Tara Royal equestrian Center has been a home for me to return to when my horses have needed specific care after injury. The staff do an absolutely outstanding job of providing consistent reliable top care. So grateful for the manner in which they tend to my horses particular needs from custom feeding requirements to medical attention that at times has required xo Romulus supervision and treatments up to five times a day. Forget that they even provide this level of care and services you simply can't pay people to care this much and take such ownership. Thank you!”



“The owner Karen Smith never ceases to amaze. She is so helpful, truly cares about the horses and the boarders. I've personally seen her go into emergency mode when it come to the horses which you don't see a lot of anymore at other barns. I know if something went wrong with my horse she will contact me and go out of her way to help the owner and do what's right for the horse even if it means calling the vet, or finding a trailer to take the horse to the vet. I can't begin to say how thankful I am for her and her wonderful staff for all they do at Tara Royal. I will be enjoying Tara Royal Equestrian Center for more years to come.”




"All I can say is over the years I've been fortunate enough to board, train and work at some of the finest facilities on the East Coast and in Texas, Karen and her amazing staff has surpassed them all in so many ways, mainly because she is so invested in the facility with her constant improvements of pastures, arena footing and general safety and care of the horses. We will be long term residents to say the least!”



 “It was challenging to find the right horse boarding facility since I moved from California last summer. My horse was struggling with so many new changes, including different weather, environment and hays during the past 9 months. It concerned me greatly dealing with his on-going loose manure issues, swollen ankles in his hind legs, and his sudden spunky behaviors.  

 At Tara Royal Equestrian Center, the support has been brilliant. Their incessant endeavor to accommodate with all my needs made a big difference. Knowledgeable trainers and staff members always listen to my concerns and follow ups are quick and helpful. A huge private turn out and using Thera Plates certainly helped my horse's stiffness and swollen ankles disappear. Grazing him in their green field made his constant loose manure issues gone. All this adds up to a very happy horse - he is healthy, moving freely and making many new friends. Everything is beyond what I would expect. I am indisputably impressed with their professionalism and all the meticulous care for my steed. Thank you very much.”




“Tara Royal Equestrian Center is horse heaven! Happy, healthy horses! We call TREC our equine country club. I have boarded at many barns, and TREC is by far the best care and the most awesome staff. I have been at TREC from the very beginning, and it just gets better and better!”



“Tara Royal Equestrian Center is a lovely facility with something for everyone, from novice to experienced riders. My horse is very happy in his spacious turnout, and the staff are really diligent and helpful. It’s a great place to hang out with horsie friends!”



“Tara Royal Equestrian Center is my Horse Country Club! I love riding/working my horse in the oversize indoor arena, jamming to my favorite tuns from the sound system and then going for a long, relaxing trail ride! Perfect way to spend the day! Not to mention the people there are so friendly!”



“Tara Royal Equestrian Center is a "Heaven on Earth" for horses. The management is constantly making improvements for the horses and their owners! The management works diligently on a daily basis to ensure the safety of the horses. They also genuinely care about and seek out input from the boarders in order to do the best possible job they can. The care the horses receive at TREC is second to none! They truly care about and love each horse.”



“Karen Smith is amazingly kind, listens to our concerns and her attention to detail is second to none, it literally makes my heart sing to see my horses so very fat, happy and relaxed. Not to mention the fact that we’re surrounded by fun, happy, kind, equine-loving people that make it even more inviting. You will not find a better facility!”



“After searching for a home for my daughter Theresa’s new horse, we came upon Tara Royal Equestrian and settled right in. The care is impeccable, as is the whole facility. Now that I too, have a horse, due to a 50th anniversary surprise pulled off by my husband. daughter, and the whole barn, I can attest to true support and care from all! Truly my little chunk of Heaven on Earth.”